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A long time ago, been a successful business person is very, very hard to deal with, especial as an entrepreneur, or individual seller.

You have to deal with door to door marketing, telephone call and other costs, before making a sale which will cost you time and money.

That is why Addonface is here to help you save money and time, with fast business growth, we take care of your door to door and telephone bills with our marketing platform, chat, voice and video calls, business page, blog for website owners and other tools to help you boost your business and add a smile to your face.

You just have to create an account with Addonface, with the mind to make more sales on addonface, by using our business platform and other tools, like Addonface market to sell goods and services, page to create a pages with business information, blog with your day to day activities that you want your client and customers to know about it.

Keep posting every day to create a great awareness of what you do.

Note; Everyday posting of what you do leads to greater awareness and greater awareness leads to more sales more money to business success.

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Tag me if you can still see my face and recognize me.

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This story is what happen before a marriage


Addonface is business social networking website with many features, a platform for promoting business, websites, blogs, fundraising, job, you can create pages, groups, forum, articles, blog, watch movies, live chat, buy and sell your items for free and many more for free.

Let the world know what you have for them.