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Collecting raw materials is the cheapest

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    Stairs can lead upstairs and downstairs. E.g. 3 stairs in a row. One in dungeon one above on 1st floor then one on second floor. (Not just one way down or up.) You are able to delete the costume space while having items saved init. You do not need to destroy items on by one. If you do then rebuilt the costume room they reappear if they're saved at dingo which is quite pointless. Items which may not be saved then there should be a warning message which they'll be sent to the lender. Additionally, I noticed that bug reports never appear in the sent box. Maybe update this it dose. This would be quite helpful.

    To make it a challenge for macroers, this maze isnt the same every time, making programs to conquer this random possibly more difficult to make. While Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining, you may observe a black ghost look and it will suck you into ScapeRune. You will arrive in the beginning of the maze. The maze will be 100 squares from West to East, and North to South. Mr.Maze will look and speak to you. MM:I want you to chase down this Ghastly Ghost! He escaped from my haunted mansion and to this maze! He had been the main attraction for my haunted home of horror and haunt-ness, and I have him!

    Check out for more details.