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Commissioned artwork of my pso2 personality

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Commissioned artwork of my pso2 personality has not posted anything yet
Start date 09/19/20 - 01:00
End date 09/20/20 - 07:00
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    How the hell did you come to that conclusion. It is going to be exactly the same as it is in PSO2 just with a different money not called"Meseta".Because they literally said it differ. They stated the in game currency, which will not be Meseta, will probably be utilized. Meseta is the in game money for PSO2. Meseta won't be the in game money for NGS. Because they're separate economies. People who've played pso2 for a while have a great deal of cash which would do odd things to the market. Going to say they are probably only doing it to reset the dreadful inflation that happened in Japan and is happening to the US server at the moment. Maybe just maybe they can make individuals farm money from fall instead of daily in this one. I honestly hate that doing dumb quest is the way to generate meseta while playing the game is not worth it.

    I figured id try getting one of my artist friends to play the game because he had one of these AIS plastic model kits. Really loving these art posts...I'd really like to get my personality drawn these days. Sadly I haven't settled on a specific appearance (or set of appearances ) which I am happy with. Which is frustrating considering she is based from one of my standing OC's. That is actually amazing, and if I could settle on a single outfit for more than an hour, I'd totally commission one as well

    Yo this man didn't want to admit that Microsoft is actually the sole reason PSO2 got localized. I'd be pissed if I was Microsoft. He actually said Sega was hard at work to get it localized by sending multiple surveys in the west lmao. If they said the other business was needed to get them to do it, it'd still be bad PR because it reveals how unwilling they were to do it. This interview shouldn't exist. Really shows how uninterested they had been in localization. They compensated for PSO2 but let's be real, if it stayed on the Microsoft shop it would be dead by decades end. They paid for PSO2 but let's be real, though it stayed on the Microsoft store it'd be dead by decades end. Those who wanted to play with the match would have gone through the hassle, and remained with the tweaker.

    Every game that's ever been on the MS store has died. Doesnt look like it. There are plenty (me being one, 2 friends being 2 more) that nevertheless utilize the MS store variation. Mainly due to the game pass. I didn't say expired immediately, but nearly every game on the store expires over a year. Many excellent games have had MS strangle them with that store to departure. But they did wind up putting it on steam at least instead of letting it die in the MS shop, but this man had no interest In putting out at the west in the first place. Are there additional surveys elsewhere? Surely none 8 years back, right? Tho I was certainly there making sound back then when information was being indicated to get a NA release. "Microsoft drove up trucks of cash and gold bullion, so we dusted off the English variant that we had prepared for 7 decades and hit the button that made the game accessible." There's actually some truth to this legend. However from what I have read it was an absolute travesty (renaming Force into Wizard?!) And that version no longer exists as of just over 3 decades ago.

    If you want to know more about PSO2 Meseta,please click the