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This crew installment has always worked well for me

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This crew installment has always worked well for me has not posted anything yet
Start date 03/06/21 - 01:00
End date 03/07/21 - 07:00
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    This crew installment has always worked well for me, but there's probably better setups. I'll probably eliminate the Merchants shortly and get more particular crew members or something, because frankly I very seldom use Merchants. I used them only when I had been collecting trade goods to create the armours. I've 1 Morale, two Seafaring and 2 Combat Captains of the maximum tier readily available to me at the moment. (actually I believe I unlocked a new tier recently but haven't found any of those newest Capts yet)

    Together with eoc, weapons are significantly more important than skills in determining how much damage you can do. Pick either Attack or Power, and train it without touching another. An assault pure advantages from having the ability to use high tier weapons like godswords, chaotic maul, along with the Noxious scythe, and employing these weapons can strike with high accuracy and damage against competitors wearing armour.

    In EOC they have access to this skills Barge and Slaughter that are vital for attacking goals who try to run off, or the distinctive Attacks of AGS or Claws for legacy. A strength pure has just one workable weapon, that is that the lv60 Tzharr-ket-om, but can deal significantly more damage per battle level with regular attacks compared to all other kinds of pures. Although strength pures might have accuracy problems against competitors wearing armour, they can deal more damage than assault pures against competitors with lv1 defence.

    Getting to lv60 strength takes less time than 75/80/90 attack so you may begin PKing quicker, and mauls are extremely economical to replace if you lose it upon death. Strength pures have access to this strong Berserk ability, but will have to invest in a couple of attack levels so as to use some of the more useful Attack abilities in eoc, and totally lack a distinctive attack in Legacy. Defence levels could be wholly disregarded in legacy, but in eoc the Freedom ability is indispensable.

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