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There's a maximum of 5 of the same monster

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Start date 03/19/21 - 08:00
End date 03/31/21 - 10:00
  • Description

    The next levels of these spells are stun, enfeeble and vulnerability. Free to play players can't even use these because it prices soul runes. These spells just lower by 10%. I really don't understand why these charms are so weak. In free to play body runes are the hardest to create compared to the other runes. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone make them. I believed body runes were the weakest runes subsequently came breeze.

    The one thing great about human anatomy runes is they give more expertise in runecrafting in comparison to another runes in free to playwith. There are a few things which can be done: Make body runes simpler to craft. Rather than needing level 20 to begin and 46 to make 2 times longer. Ensure it is level 10 to begin and 20 to make 2 times more. Make curse, weaken and confuse better. Instead of 5% make it 10%. Perhaps make confuse lower attack(melee), range and magical too.

    If two passes: Make Enfeeble, Stun and vulnerability hastens 20%. Heres another option 2: Create 3 new spells: Curse 2, Emphasize 2 and Confuse two (need better titles ): Prices are double of what their older versions are. They weaken by 10%. The highest version only eliminate 10 points max.

    Check out for more details.