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Attached to the carriage using hammer and nails

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Start date 03/30/21 - 09:00
End date 03/31/21 - 08:00
  • Description

    This ability is a fun, free way of making gold and treasures. This ability will lead you into new, unexplored areas, and will lead one to find buried riches from early times. This skill also allows you to meet new friends, and challenges you by making you manage a team of NPCs and managing money and how it is distributed among your team. Have fun and revel in!

    The Basics-All you require for fundamental Archeology in Runescape would be the following- Form of NPC Archeologists (Two or more). A group of NPC Archeologist can be gotten by talking to Mrs. Griffith in Varrock museum, first floor. She can loan you a few individuals for ten trips for just 10,000GP each, and you'll be able to purchase a few for 500,000GP to help keep you. Here are the gaps.

    I got a concept for easter its rather like a tresure trail but remixed at a easter egg hunt you start of by talkin to the easter bunny and she says oh dear plase helm me YOUR NAME I have a bad cold and easter is caneled intill second tuesday I already put out the the eggs I want you to go around obtaining the eggs every single time you get an egg crack it open and a choclate rabbit in side will give you a fresh clue they youv recieved all of 10 eggs and have broken them shall go back to me and recieve your prize should you need help have this magical chicken egg from last season it will teleport you to another egg just once.

    Check out for more details.