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Players have the ability to start their character

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Start date 04/08/21 - 09:00
End date 04/30/21 - 09:00
  • Description

    HUT players need to add one Winter National collectible, which can be acquired through Winter National challenges, and 11 Gold brochures. Once you do so, you will be given a special package that can give you a choice of one of four 91 OVR master player cards.

    If you'd like a 92 OVR player, it will cost you a bit more. To pick up a 92 OVR master participant thing, HUT players will have one of 2 options. The first one is to complete the Winter National Week 1 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item choice set, Winter Nation Week 2 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item choice collection. However, you will only get a selection of 2 cards, so you may not the specific card that you want.

    If you do have a particular thing in mind, you'll have to complete one of those eight 92 OVR master sets. Those can be found near the end of the Winter National setup folder.

    You will notice that along with the Gold collectibles, that can be acquired by completing the Gold Collectible and Winter National Gold Players for Gold Collectible sets, HUT players will require country and number-specific items. In order to acquire those, you can either purchase them off the Auction House or finish the house, Away, and number sets which are to the left of the master places.

    Check out for more details.