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A few refinements added, thanks to a player named

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A few refinements added, thanks to a player named has not posted anything yet
Start date 05/05/21 - 01:00
End date 05/06/21 - 06:00
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    After their charges are consumed, the jewelry needs to be brought to the appropriate guild before further use. My proposal is that, instead of needing to go to the guild every single time you run outside, there will be a Lunar Spell (after Dream Mentor) which can be used to recharge the jewelry. The jewellery must have already been charged once before. Graphic: The caster holds up a giant purple stone in one hand and raises the other hand over their head, pointing the hands to the stone. White light streams from the palm to the stone. Recharges enchanted up to fourteen pieces of enchanted dragonstone jewelry in the caster's inventory.

    A few refinements added, thanks to a player named Acemcdonut who understands a good deal about PvP. This is a proposal for a new PvP area that should be a suitable replacement for your Wilderness. Similar to one of my previous thoughts about the Widlerness. The problem with Bounty Hunter is the fact that it's too compressed and featureless, this place should be a lot free enough.

    Swordcross Island is a very large island, almost as big as Karamja, in the sea East of the Wilderness and North of Morytania. Its name doesn't have anything to do with its shape; it is simply named that because it is a player vs. player place.

    The island has been entered through a much smaller island to the south of itsimply named Hilt. Hilt holds a very small village; even the largest building is a reception construction whereby you may teleport to Swordcross, in your respective mode. Hilt also holds the Looter's Guild, a group of NPCs who sneak on to Swordcross to carry items lost on the staircase, either selling them or using them for stage gambling, unless Jagex decides to make this a secure minigame. Hilt also offers a couple of shops.

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