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Rsgoldfast - Boats are used frequently in OSRS gold

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Rsgoldfast - Boats are used frequently in OSRS gold has not posted anything yet
Start date 05/11/21 - 04:00
End date 05/31/21 - 17:00
  • Description

    Meteor Twist: fires a meteor through wals in a straight line just 4 calyctic runes 10 damage lvl 30--and u damage that man right? ... Maybe. Ice Bomb: imbune you teleport orb with ice hockey and throws it to suspend the victimlvl 35 lol cool idea. Night color: if strikes then it blinds the opponent for 10 seconds 4 c and 3 e lvl 50 ok...

    Meteor storm: shoots three celebrities and a meteor wich will 2-10 harm;v; 50 wayyyyyyyyy too repeated possibly the first one work and just the initial one. Style blast, ultima: complete battle: it shoots two stars at the atmosphere then shoots a power lance and then blasts a meteor warp and then uses nightshade and then teleports to the foe and slashes him lvl 60 so that this will be penis only right??? lol what do u mean slash him? You are using meteor and then something similar to.

    Snare and then melee? A number are odd, not realistic, too powerful, or just useless. . .like the ones where you simply tele to a person and hit them that they dont need THREE of these you can just get 2 or 1 (then 1st and the 3rd)

    Check out for more details.