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The Agility Clause: The reason why you should have

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Start date 05/14/21 - 01:00
End date 05/15/21 - 06:00
  • Description

    Slayer (This will still count as a slayer task, but please note If You Would like to add a slayer monster into the dungeons You Have to have the correct Slayer Level to both add and kill the monster [Ex: 85 slayer to add and kill Abby Demons])

    The Agility Clause: The reason why you should have at least 20-70 agility is since you MUST add an agility snare in the begginning of this dungeon, this is because you don't need the critters on your dungeon to escape and destroy your house. Also note that you will gain experience in agility equal to the level necessary to jump the snare multiplied by 10, but that it is only going to give expertise once per 5 minutes.

    The Summoning Clause: The 50 Summoning is just required to add a unique part of the dungeon. This cooridor is the only person you'll be able to have Summoning Familiars (Note: No pets are permitted even in this cooridor) however you have to have at least 50 Summoning, and you need 5 Levels more than the necessary Level (Unless you're at Level-99) to muster the familiar.

    Beginning: To start you must have a intersection of land which has nothing on a minimum of two of its four sides. The select construct door hotspot and select Control Dungeon. It prices 75k for the first room, and 2 dungeons. Afterwords you must immediatly include 2 things before you can even begin considering creatures. A bank booth( 10k Gold, 3 Teak Planks, 2 Molten Glass, plus a Gold Leaf.)

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