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About the Slayer Gem add either a right click option

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Start date 05/18/21 - 01:00
End date 05/19/21 - 06:00
  • Description

    About the Slayer Gem add either a right click option"Task Remaining", which immediately brings you to the dialogue using the Slayer Master telling you just how many abandoned, or put in a counter into the Slayer Gem. The counter will probably be simpler. I'm like black demons, black dragons, then select anything, get teled to the Pinball arbitrary, whoops at 8 I miss the most suitable one and end up starting over, I lose time and arrows.

    On Slayer Masters add a right click option"Get Assignment" to receive a new mission without the useless dialogue. Anyone who is tried catching 100 rats for that Cat Coaching Medal knows how much your hands hurt later, on a Cats Summoning Menu nake an choice to Catch Rat so I don't wind up with 500+ clicks and hurt hand, it is more like 300.

    About the Temple Trekking NPC's add right clicks for"Begin Trek" and"Give Food". Insert right click"Traveling" option to Bill Teach. Insert right click"Enter Village" option to Mosol Rei. We labored to get our Lunar Magics and Ancient Magicks and between both of them there's only ONE teletab? Let's more teletabs from this book, you don't have any idea how valuable they can become.

    On the Farmers near plots that sell you things, create a right click trade choice today! Why do I have to speak rather than simply opening a trade window to buy the items. That 5 minutes several times has been the difference between my plants dyinggrowing. Also on the Farmer's near Tree Patches include Secateurs to their record, common sense ftw?

    Make a pursuit already in which we destroy the amulet and are infused with the knowledge to talk to ghosts so that we don't keep carrying around this item that's a lender hogger! Add a proper click"Report" option to players, and add it to the chat Click as well. You have any idea how difficult it is to tell a person's name when it is like Oooo0Oo oo0o! I am trying to figure how many letters!

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