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The job went forward anyhow before the last weekend

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The job went forward anyhow before the last weekend has not posted anything yet
Start date 06/07/21 - 01:00
End date 06/08/21 - 12:00
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    Riot Games has confirmed that it delivered a formal cease-and-desist letter into the operations of Chronoshift, a fan-operated League of Legends"legacy server" that enabled fans to play a ten-year-old version of the game. It refused an accusation on Reddit that it tried to"extort" the developers, however, stating that its policies regarding such things are laid out in its own lawful rules --and that it cautioned them not to proceed with the project as it was announced last year.

    "Hijacking to say please do not do this," Riot Gene composed in reaction to the Chronoshift statement in 2020. "We have really straightforward and easy to read policies about developing products around Riot Games. Please read the Legal Jibber Jabber (yes that is what it is called) as well as the coverages on"

    The job went forward anyhow before the last weekend, when the Chronoshiftdev account posted a message saying the developers were contacted by Riot's security department, who"tried to extort us into handing over our code and site to them."

    "We have been working with this project for nearly 5 decades and thousands of hours," Chronoshiftdev wrote. "We never asked for even as much as a donation during all of this time, paying each the expenses out of our pockets. We have denied and prohibited people that offered us tens of thousands of dollars to acquire access to this undertaking."

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