Players may expect a couple of hours of downtime Cover Image


Players may expect a couple of hours of downtime

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Players may expect a couple of hours of downtime has not posted anything yet
Start date 06/10/21 - 01:00
End date 06/11/21 - 12:00
  • Description

    Players may expect a couple of hours of downtime when the patch starts. Matchmaking and aggressive queues across all League of Legends servers will be disabled three hours prior to the forthcoming Season 11 patch is officially deployed.

    Anchor-wielding titan Nautilus is another League of Legends winner being changed into the jungle at Season 11; Riot has unveiled plans to buff the service's evident rate in LoL patch 11.11 to maneuver him into the part. To handle this swap, the LoL dev staff are targeting the Titan of the Depth's damage-dealing Riptide ability. Even though most of his apparel -- including his Q, R, along with his passive -- is chock filled with crowd-control, his E dishes out AOE damage. The support's tankiness is being hit since Riot try to funnel her towards longer"on-fantasy" builds such as Lethality and AP. While developers did not share just what their plans were, lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu said they need Senna players to select"more on-fantasy items."

    Riot Games will ship six new champion skins in LoL Patch 11.11 -- a half-dozen new variants of this popular"PROJECT" cosmetic line. In League of Legends lore, the"PROJECT" characters boast advanced weaponry and augmentation, allowing the hosts to"channel their character into physical manifestations and, in rare cases, transcend the corporeal plane." They fight the evil version of their skin line --"App" -- so there is a good chance we see the other hand pop up at a patch shortly too.

    League of Legends devs unveil the MOBA's next big event, Job: Bastion

    If you have seen that enigmatic teaser on the League of Legends Twitter channel, you've definitely been wondering what in the world Riot Games has in store for its flagship MOBA match next. The answer has been revealed: Job: Bastion is a month-long event working around three patches, which attracts a bunch of new skins at the Project line, the yield of Nexus Blitz, and much more.

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