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I am now considering this Guthix prayer book

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I am now considering this Guthix prayer book has not posted anything yet
Start date 06/18/21 - 02:00
End date 06/19/21 - 04:00
  • Description

    I am now considering this Guthix prayer book. Listed below are my guthix thoughts. As most people say, the zammy ones are too strong, so I will try to create these ones not powerful. Lvl 30-Guthix balance: When your health is under 50 percent, Your opponent gets all his stats turned into yours and his stats turn into yours. Drains prayer extremely quickly. Your health is reduced from the percentage of the hex on the competitions. Lvl 40- Lost: Once used, whoever is hit over 10 will be teleported at a random place on their minimap and will have all their things unequipped. Will not work if they don't have te inventory space. Lvl 45-Flesh of my flesh: Can cure the closest ally about to maximum health, and you are stunned for 10 sec.

    Lvl 50- Reversal of fortune: When used, whoever attacks you heals you by the amount that they struck and the opponent gets struck by what they hit. All allies on your minimap are hit 15. Lvl 55-Sacrifice: Will 1 hit any ennemy 3 squares around you and will heal completely any ennemy from the 3 square zone. You're instantly killed. Lvl 60- Forsaken: Can reverse the effects of any prayer of whoever you're attacking. Your combat stats are reduced by half.

    Lvl 90-Fury of Guthix: will kill everyone (allies, ennemies) except you and their corpse becomes Death shadows. To utilize this, you must have 666 passing runes on your inventory, ancient magicks, all the god staves, the Iba team, and also have 99 in everything.

    Before you go"OMG this topic is agaisnt the rules! F2P don't ever never ever get upgrades!" Hear me out. F2P have recieved plenty of updates, I personally am an on off penis, so its not that I need to get mre things, I can afford £3.

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