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To remove Dream Logs to degrade them

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Start date 07/15/21 - 11:58
End date 07/17/21 - 09:35
  • Description

    Return to Savarain's hut. Do you return with the Ethernal Staff Here's the link. Fantastic. I'm now asking you to do some things. Solar Guardian gives you a scroll. Now, come to me in Supernova's Hole. You must now read the text and you'll find the information you require.

    5 Sets of Nightmare Logs in 5 Sets. How To Obtain: First you'll require Dream Logs which are indeed some on Solar Isle. Follow the path back to Sayaniona’s Lair and continue to the room that is shared with Greater Sayaniona's.

    There is a crack in the wall towards the rear of the room. You will find a small bedroom inside, much like one in the Player Owned House. It is possible to enter Dreamland from the bed.

    You'll be taken to Dreamland by clicking the option. You'll be on an isolated island that has only one dream tree and surrounded by darkness. You do however, find an item in your inventory called My Life, like from the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Read it until you return back to reality. You'll receive five logs if you cut the dream tree five times. However, it's much more difficult.

    To remove Dream Logs to degrade them, you'll require level 55 Magic. When you've degraded the dream log, this is done by using a Solarus Staff. Following this, the staff will crumble into a dust-like substance.

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