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Items Required: Ring of Visibility

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Items Required: Ring of Visibility has not posted anything yet
Start date 07/22/21 - 01:00
End date 07/23/21 - 03:00
  • Description

    Items Required: Ring of Visibility, and the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Where is the Dungeon of Remembrance located? I will make a fake soon to claim the Dungeon of Remembrance, as it is currently inaccessible. The Gate of the Past conceals the Dungeon of Remembrance. Deep Wilderness hosts the Gate of the Past. It is safe to enter. will not be exposed to reverants after you enter. The Dungeon of Remembrance and the Orb of Remembrance are both situated in the Gate of the Past. The orb can be used for viewing battles. The Dungeon of Remembrance Mini-Quest can begin by speaking to the Ghost of Questing Past. The cave is not accessible by the front door. Talk to him and see:

    Who is YOU? I'm (Player name), and Noble Adventurer. What do you think? I are Questing Past's ghost. This is the Cave of Remembrance. Here, you can relive Questing Past. It sounds interesting. What are the best quests to do? From the Ghost you will get a Quest List. What exactly is the Quest List do? It lists the quests needed to finish the mini-game. To finish the final Challenge, you will only require 200 Quest Points. You don't want to lose this list. Can I enter? Yes. But, I'll make sure you have not completed the following tasks.

    The Ghost reviews your Quest List and teleports to the Cave of Remembrance. Boss 1 Glough's Black Demon. Requirments include: The Grand Tree. You will be fighting the bosses randomly in sequence. You are free to leave at any moment you like and can restart from where you are. The Ghost disappears. The room starts to shake. The same melody that was heard in The Grand Tree plays and Glough steps out.

    Face my fury yet again! Glough disappears and a black Demon(Level-172) appears. Glough's maximum damage is 13. There is an escape route hidden in a piece black stalagmite. This protects you from damage. If you kill him, he will drop The Grand Tree Sigil, a part of the Remembrance crest.

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