If you're not willing to select a quarterback to be the cover Cover Image


If you're not willing to select a quarterback to be the cover

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If you're not willing to select a quarterback to be the cover has not posted anything yet
Start date 07/31/21 - 01:00
End date 08/01/21 - 08:00
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    If you're not willing to select a quarterback to be the cover, I don't know what you can do to overlook Derrick Henry. It was even reported that there was a leak in March that suggested Henry might be the cover's star athlete. It's still unclear what he'll look like on this year's cover, Henry is certainly deserving of it. The big-bodied back appears like he's playing video game, as he beats defenders almost every single day. Henry has led the league in rushing two consecutive seasons. He also surpassed every other position player of skill in 2020 by having the most years of the scrimmage (2,141). Madden NFL covers are not viable if your team has 126.7 yards per game.

    Although some may be offended by the notion of a player from the defensive side finding his way onto the Madden NFL cover, it isn't unprecedented at all. Richard Sherman was the last defensive player who was the cover athlete for the team in Madden NFL 15 and prior to that we've seen players like Troy Polamalu (shared with Larry Fitzgerald, Madden NFL 10) and Ray Lewis (Madden NFL 2005) appear on the cover too. Donald is the most prominent player on the front side, having been a member of the 99 Club for four consecutive seasons of the 99 Club. In that light it's hard to imagine other avenues to make it within the sport, aside from getting to the top of the list.

    When the teaser trailer was released earlier this week, everyone believed it was the combination. Of obviously, Tom Brady is widely called the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) and Patrick Mahomes is looked at as the next great quarterback who will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors. It's only natural to think there's a likelihood of two athletes being featured on the cover. But, EA Sports' teaser features an elder goat and baby goat, and it's possible to envision Brady as well as Mahomes. Both quarterbacks have been on the Madden NFL Cover before, with Brady playing for Madden NFL 18, and Mahomes being the next to do it for Madden NFL 20.

    It might be a bit repetitive If this were the case because it's like the two of them were just in the magazine cover a few minutes time ago. It's fitting, considering they went toe-to–toe in the Super Bowl last year.

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