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We talked about RuneScape

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Start date 08/04/21 - 11:58
End date 08/31/21 - 08:23
  • Description

    Gather all your friends to form a train with you as the leader. Start following a disreputable and rude noob. or something similar to that. When he begins to object to you, follow his lead. Invite all your friends to get involved in ranting about him. The novices may get so angry at you that they bribe. You can write more!

    I'm currently on a mission to gain 40 range for Ikov and Ikov, to ensure that I can discover desert treasure. I was taught by rock crabs. The cannons of the rock crabs let me switch between worlds. I met my buddy and we walked across the border to Kelda.

    I made some new acquaintances there, and we chatted about school and other things. I told them how I was married, divorced and even dated Gertrude. They all logged off and a few others were also following.

    We talked about RuneScape. One person thought that Lilyuffie had died. A man was interested in what old night had gone missing when he died.

    I tried to convince him that O.N. I tried to convince him that O.N. was dead IRL but he kept asking about his GP losses. I shook him by telling him that he had lost the dragon platebody as well as the black pickaxe. Conversation will be uploaded shortly. I wanted you to think about whether or not runescape is still as friendly today as it ever was. Do you feel more welcoming than others?

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