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You and others who choose to participate in the minigame

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You and others who choose to participate in the minigame has not posted anything yet
Start date 08/04/21 - 02:00
End date 08/05/21 - 07:00
  • Description

    You and others who choose to participate in the minigame will have a choice to make, will you be a fisher or an armed raider? Find the necessary supplies from the guard and inform him that you want to be a fisher or one who is a raider. If you choose to be a raider, you'll receive a sword, some gloves a pirate hat, pirate pants, pirate jacket, and pirate boots. You will get a striped tunic and striped trousers if you are a fisherman.

    Then, you can take it with you and start your job. The job of a fisherman. The job of a fisherman is to capture fish, repair leaks and cook the fish. You must first get a hand harpoon and a stick from the wall. Sometimes, the wall may be broken and you may fall out and be captured by an enemy boat. There are a variety of options available including shark to shrimp. You can only get fish that are at the appropriate levels of cooking and fishing.

    Cooking it is easy. All you need do is get towards the stove. It will have to be rebuilt in the event that it gets wet.

    On the right side of your browser, you will see icons that will tell you if the range has to be nailed down or if you need to start again. There is also an icon for how many players have died/gone overboard. You will earn points for each successful fish or fish you catch. You earn points for fishing fixing leaks, cooking fish and dropping them off at the food vendor.

    The job of a raider. Raiders are accountable for robbing the ship of enemy ships, filling the cannon and raising/moving the flags. The task of robbing the ship in opposition is not easy, but it's enjoyable. You can take their treasures to add to your points, kill their men or sink their vessel by using cannons. You have to do the same for yourself.

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