So many people were so worried about the influx new players Cover Image


So many people were so worried about the influx new players

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So many people were so worried about the influx new players has not posted anything yet
Start date 08/12/21 - 01:00
End date 08/13/21 - 08:00
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    Not sure if its the gcd in particular, (at the very least, it's not available at any content that is more than 60-70) however, i'm in agreement with the general idea of increasing social interaction as the game is slowing down, thats the main thing why people consider classic wow more social, most people think it's due to no duty finder but i disagree since there is no way to categorize spamming chats on lfg as social. what the game did have that encouraged socializing was lots of down times and you can feel this in FF14 along with Eureka that was extremely social because of the time you spent spawning NM's or with Prae by watching the cutscenes.

    So many people were so worried about the influx new players that the WOW migration would bring, and the kind of players they could become. Every time I check out one of these blogs, I feel encouraged and want to tell those who were WOW vets, "Don't worry!" There will always be bad eggs. They've always been. There were some before in the FFXIV Community. There are numerous other excellent ones. Many sprouts are looking for an adventure similar to the one we all have the privilege of sharing.

    We do have mods as well as devs who discourage the use of rude or abusive language in a variety of ways. That's led to players who can't stand that kind of behavior. They are then able to pass on their attitude by promptly reporting bad eggs and it all feeds into itself well.

    A player who is new offered a valid point according to what I've heard I don't actually consume his work - that FFXIV's narrative even promotes its own culture. Instead of telling a story about two groups of players are at war It's a story that stresses forgiveness and unity when confronted with conflict. When our big corporations fight, it's really an unintentional game. the winner is hit by the dodgeball (Fire IV is the dodgeball. You can't dodge the dodgeball. The ref has to tell you to walk back to the starting point before you can rejoin the game. It's refreshing!

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