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    This is the place where most people die while using magic. They attempt to apply Magic just like how they are familiar with using Range and Melee when it's true that this isn't the best method to use. You make use of your advantage by hitting multiple people at once. If you consistently attack a crowd of people, you're likely to kill them quickly particularly when you use the Ice spells.

    Full Ahrim's and shadow magic are two other things I haven't seen very often. This will likely decrease the enemy's Attack or Strength to 0 and render them incapable. Once they have been reduced, you'll be able to imprison them using smoke or ice spells and put them off.

    There is still the dragonhide problem, where the meleer is able to throw on black d'hide, and is impervious to magic. A nice 50 percent increase in melee attack stats could solve this issue. The only other thing I could imagine is the cost of magic.

    There are no other options. Contact me if you know of any. Magic is similar to a nuclear bomb. To kill a lot of people, you could use a nuke. It's not just one person. Magic is more difficult than range or melee and requires more expertise. Mods Please move this item if not in the correct section.

    Woodcutting Guide. This guide isn't an instruction on statistics. It's a guide for earning money from wood cutting. Here's how you need cash. Don't look any further, this guide will teach you how to increase your woodcutting skills while earning a lot more.

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