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It is also possible to be linked to the song's title

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Start date 08/23/21 - 01:00
End date 08/24/21 - 05:00
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    It is also possible to be linked to the song's title. It is often necessary to travel for a long distance to get the sought-after resource, such as runite, or any other ore. Even while I was pursuing quests, I was able to travel across Runescape. Burgh de Rott, which happens to be my favorite spot in Runescape, is also the place where I found the song. Since I am the creator of this thread, I can't really discuss the theme song of the poster above is about and the reason for it!

    Did you know that the term "RuneScape" is among the top five terms often searched terms on YouTube, is also one of the most popular phrases? We enjoy checking out the latest RuneScape movies created by film buffs. They're so great that we have teamed with TehNoobShow one of RuneScape's most talented Machinima (films made with game engine) masterminds to launch a competition to find out who has created the most enjoyable RuneScape video. The rules are simple to create a unique video of a short duration (around 2 minutes) that's fun and original, in the RuneScape game.

    The competition launched today. The videos you submit can be submitted on YouTube up to the 25th of August. Andrew Gerhard, Mark Gerhard and some video-hungry Community Management team members will choose five finalists from submitted entries. The five selected videos will be featured in the RuneScape Weekly Poll that lets the community vote for their favorite.

    The video with the most votes will be declared the winner and will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Jagex Games Studio, from any location in the world, and when they arrive, they will get to meet the developers and designers who bring RuneScape to life. We will then send them off with a bag full of signed Jagex products. The top four finishers will receive a membership and signed mugs.

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