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What is his true motive?

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Start date 08/25/21 - 11:58
End date 08/31/21 - 08:23
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    "... Now Azzanadra can communicate with Zaros once more with the help of the restored communication channel! "Finally, the balance of power shifts once again. It is obvious that Zamorak is just a fake god. This is a risky move for balance. The Mahjarrat storyline continues with the "Temple at Senntisten" quest. Who is the character who will be returning to the story?

    That's right! Zaros, the Empty God, will be reborn! But, what about his real motives? What is his plan to return? Zamorak, his warriors and Zaros were betrayed by Zaros during the Second Age. Zamorak was able to, through several incidents, was able to acquire the Staff of Armadyl - the weapon Zaros wanted to give himself in order that he would be more powerful than anything else and even being the god of strength in the moment, was unable to resist the combined power of the gods. He employed it to smite Zaros to another realm and gain a portion of Zaros his power for himself - thus becoming godlike. The Curse of Zaros (AKA Ghostly Robes), miniquest will provide more details.

    "The Empty Lord was a god of great power, stronger than any of the other gods alive in the moment, perhaps even more powerful than Guthix is. Zamorak was but a mortal: an Mahjarrat warrior in the same way with all the strength and power that that entails, but mortal nonetheless, but to see him fight, you would not consider him to be an ordinary anything...He was war itself!

    Flurry after flurry of blows he hurled at the Empty Lord, and the very castle walls shook and quivered with their power, but the empty Lord could not be slain! Even with his god weapon in his back he continued fighting, and the victory seemed to be less and less assured. ..."

    Viggora But, what's Zaros his real relationship with him? What is his true motive? Could he really be evil or good. Senliten the Pharaoh queen believes that he is a foul creature that joined the evil creatures of this world, is a good example. However, ones such as Eblis claim that Zaros was not in fact evil, and the same is true for Akthanakos as well as Azzanadra. Azzanadra seems to be a fair Mahjarrat. He used diplomacy to stay clear of mass murdering and mind control in Digsite because it would bring him the same results.

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