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But, if the chat has more than 15 people

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But, if the chat has more than 15 people has not posted anything yet
Start date 09/01/21 - 02:00
End date 09/02/21 - 06:00
  • Description

    But, if the chat has more than 15 people, I become more serious but not as friendly. This is because I moderate Clan Chats that are fuller and are more likely to be filled with Trolls. The dynamic filtering feature is also possible.

    Make an outrageous move that draws the attention of others. If they don't respond, they may be either botting or going afk. To test if they respond, try throwing eggs or snowballs at them. Add 4 points to the suspicion meter if they don't respond.
    Assessing their score. If their suspicion gauge is zero, they are probably not a bot, but it could be. If their suspicion meter is at 1, They are probably a easily-manipulated human. Their suspicion meter reading is 2 might indicate that they may be a bot. If the suspicionmeter is 3, they're likely to be afk and have been publicly off however it could likely be a bot. Their suspicion meter reading is 4, which indicates they could be a bot. But, there's not enough evidence to support this.

    Their suspicion meter should be in the range of 6 to 10 but don't jump to any conclusions. If the suspicion meter of theirs is 11 or more it is likely that they are a bot and you should report them without hesitation unless what they're doing does not harm your health in any way. This is highly unlikely even if they have a score anyway.

    What to do if you suspect that they're bots? First of all, you need to notify them, but don't forget about them until you log out. If they begin to talk, don't miss it. To keep them from becoming confused, shut any doors and gates that are closed when their route leads them through them. Drop unwanted items on the squares they click. This can reduce their speed by adding more to their inventory, resulting in more bank trips, and less irritation for you.

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