It is not necessary to raise skills beyond 120 Cover Image


It is not necessary to raise skills beyond 120

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It is not necessary to raise skills beyond 120 has not posted anything yet
Start date 09/09/21 - 11:58
End date 09/30/21 - 08:23
  • Description

    I'd love to hear what others think of this issue. It seems that pf2p's who are awarded a skillcape (OMG you've got a skillcape) are treated as gods while those with the same skillcape receive an earful of hugs ("Oh you've got a skillcape! How cute. I'm curious to know which the next skillcape is?

    I'm a Summoning tank desperately in need of charms. They are too difficult for me to acquire, and I don’t have anyone willing to trade my charms. I'm willing to pay for each Charm. Because it's multicombat and includes various monsters, I would prefer to do it in the Chaos Tunnels.

    I'm in the process of getting a Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and I'd like to know a suggestion for an outfit. It's best if the outfit was under 2M. However, you can suggest other items and it'll go towards my wish list. Although I don't need the hood, if feel it's a good fit for the look, do mention it. Guys, thank you so for your support.

    Feel free to suggest quest items. Do not use the Mobilising Armies Rewards to me. I have 80 defence and 81 Attack, as well as 70 Prayer, 88 Strength, 77 Ranged, Ranging and 77 ranged. I am a P2P player and will remain so until the time it's feasible to anticipate.

    It is not necessary to raise skills beyond 120. It's just speculation. Jagex stated that Dungeoneering is elevated to 120 because it doesn't fit into 99 levels.

    If you want to know more about RSorder, you can go to