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As we inch closer to the release date

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Start date 09/13/21 - 01:00
End date 09/14/21 - 08:00
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    As we inch closer to the release date, which is August 17th, Pride of Detroit will offer more analysis and rating details.

    NFL rookies are disappointed with "Madden 22" ratings "You've got a chance to change that'

    EA Sports' "Madden" ratings may not be the most reliable particularly for rookies.

    With "Madden 22" due out on Aug. 20th, EA had first-year players determine their debut scores. The rookies were awedbut a bit disappointed -- by their debut numbers.

    For instance, think of Mac Jones, the Patriots' first-round quarterback. When the team was asked to look at his score for "Break Tackling," Mac Jones, the Alabama product said a 52 "would be amazing." It could be, particularly considering his actual score at 26.

    He laughed and said "Oh my God!" "No it's not you. You're not trolling me. What is the most tackles I have to break in the past?" The answers also came from Elijah Moore, a shifty Jets receiver who believed his "Change of Direction", was a 100-percent perfect score. There's a spoiler: he was not able to pass the 100-mark, but it was close, with a score of 93. Moore asked, "Who is higher than me?" "'Cause 93 kinda low, like. "I do not know what I could do, but I'm sure I'll come up with something."

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