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Start date 09/17/21 - 03:00
End date 09/18/21 - 05:00
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    I'm here to share the benefits of being a beggar. While it is not going initially work but you will soon realize that you are a decent guy/girl. Benefits: You don't get any new combat statistics through begging. The best thing about it is that you have endless options and can beg wherever you like.

    99 years is the time i can guarantee that you'll possess the skills to type sufficient to handle the tumult, have enough money to purchase an goat(not charms) and possibly more extremes. You could earn 42gp or leather boots if you're a high-level begger. It doesn't matter how high-level you are, most clients will give you massages back if they are professional.

    The complete slayer/slayer maskor slayer headgear will help you be cool and more comfortable when begging. If you want to save money on German software firms or expensive skills like prayer, being thrifty can help you.

    Many of us made threads under Recent Updates asking what the reason was and Fmods hid them all with the reasoning of "This forum is only for updates that are listed on the main page" This is a complete lie since it is a recent update What else could you label it? What are your thoughts? Here's my opinion: While Jagex might be the cause for the Nature Rune update, I don't agree with the decision. It is the root cause of the problem. And it sets bad precedents for future updates.

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