Our mains also had pins against our best accounts Cover Image


Our mains also had pins against our best accounts

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Our mains also had pins against our best accounts has not posted anything yet
Start date 09/28/21 - 01:00
End date 09/29/21 - 03:00
  • Description

    Our mains also had pins against our best accounts. The statistics were balanced, so this was more fun. This has made PKing less enjoyable due to the unbalanced pures.

    Is it me, or have the PKing communities lost their integrity over the years? These are only some of the numerous examples I can think of, but there could be more. Is this going to restore integrity with the return of the wild, or is it just going to serve as a playground to annoy RuneScape?

    Many people aren't aware of all the items, and not just those which have changed since 2007. Some things I was thinking are I'm pretty certain that back in 2007 we still had that really small screen were the view was not as wide. It was always necessary to adjust the camera. Players can now see other players without having to worry about their camera.

    Wilderness wall. Anyone can immediately see what was dropped. The advancement in technology is enough to prove it. The internet is connecting faster and better. YouTube was a huge hit at the time, but it has grown exponentially since. Many people try to make videos to "compete". Duel arena is now free to play. With the staking back being back, will it remain this the same way?

    The old bone yard that was my favorite is gone. It's a wonderful place to be. Do new players know some of the places that were used for battles? Dark castle was not occupied. I had a longer list of things to add, but for some reason am going blank now. It's possible that other people might have better ideas.

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