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Right now turn in your Protect from Melee

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Right now turn in your Protect from Melee has not posted anything yet
Start date 11/14/20 - 01:00
End date 11/15/20 - 07:00
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    And, following a very long time period, Runecrafting Skill Cape (If I ever do achieve it). - Going to be tough. Fairy Tale Part 1, Fairy Tale Part two (at least to Fairy Rings). Shilo Village (for access to 100+ battle slayer master and gem mines). Hand In The Sand (amass your 84 buckets of sand per day and may sell all 84 buckets on GE to get 2k). 1 Small Favor (while this is long, the keyring is useful) Waterfall Quest (Access to Fire Giants), These aren't really needed but are useful: Recruitment Drive Wanted! Family Crest (Avan part for access to Hellhounds) Recipe for Disaster (Sir Amik Varze component for accessibility to Blk Drags with safe spots)

    Right now turn in your Protect from Melee. And keep yourself on conduct all the time. Eat meals when you have low health. Drink anti-poison when you're poisoned and beverage energy potion when you're running out of energy. When you reach the claw traps only apply your board on them. Then simply run all the way towards the end of the tunnel until you find three gnomes. Converse with this mage gnome, Zooknock. He will inform you that you need to get him these things: Gold bar, something to perform Monkey Speech, a Monkey amulet mould, Monkey remains and a Monkey Talisman. Use the Gold Bar, Monkey Denture along with Amulet Mould using Zooknock and then he gives a"Enchanted Bar" and monkey amulet mould.

    Got that from RuneHq. Now I'm disapointed that I have to get out to get the Monkey talismen and Monkey stays because Sal's Quest help did not possess that for freakin sakes. I can not even get a Enchanted bar with my Gold bar, Monkey Dentures, monkey Amould... Now Where the hell is your Monkey talisman and Remains because I must start over and go though the Dungeon. Thanks a whole lot, Sal's.

    For your actual"criticism" you can not get that stuff till you talk to him, so it makes it pointless to let you attempt to get them before. Even in the event that you can, then perhaps you should just try reading the manual through first so you know what is needed, which is right on the top of the guide page anyhow. Blaming other people for YOUR short-sightedness is merely foisting the responsibility of the pursuit onto other people.

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