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As it sounds, Wolcen looks totally gorgeous

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As it sounds, Wolcen looks totally gorgeous has not posted anything yet
Start date 11/17/20 - 01:00
End date 11/18/20 - 07:00
  • Description

    As it sounds, Wolcen looks totally gorgeous and aims for a more realistic look, but struggles in maintaining 50 frames per minute on very high settings in 4k, even with a 1080Ti video card, 16gb of ram, and the latest generation i7 chip, which is still considered optimal hardware by today's standards, especially for the ARPG. Diablo 4 still looks great, but it is going to have to run extremely smoothly and its hardware optimization should be top notch in order to meet those with a thirst for high quality graphics, particularly when considering that Wolcen looks vividly breathtaking at times, despite its frame rate issues.

    On combat maneuvers, such as dodge rolls to prevent enemy attacks that are key, Wolcen relies heavily for an ARPG. While it is nowhere near the complexity of all matches like Sekiro, it stands far above the status quo of most. In the majority of ARPGs, players may get by on spamming enemies with strikes and unleashing enough mayhem to take out hordes before their gym even indicates potential danger.

    While this is not necessarily a bad trait and certainly scratches the dopamine-releasing psychological itching in feeling immense quantities of electricity at destroying hordes of enemies like popping hundreds of balloons, some players may wish for marginally more abilities involved with the decisions they make in mid-combat. This is 1 place where Blizzard could make potential additions where ARPGs lack, especially on harder difficulty modes.

    Wolcen is not for everyone, but as Blizzard has demonstrated, neither has been Diablo 3. However, the buggy menus that are unresponsive occasionally, as well as a few of the input currently bogging down Wolcen's first launch, might be a deal breaker for some. Other players might be less forgiving, given that the match has already been in Steam's Early Access for a couple of decades.

    However, it's important to also consider the fact that a lot of Wolcen's launch problems might be the end result of going from a few thousand active players to abruptly jumped into tens of thousands in a couple of days. This may all be relieved if given enough time, and waiting a few weeks or months for Wolcen to tackle these shortcomings might be just the solution for some players. And, for different players, adhering with Diablo 3 until Diablo 4 releases, or waiting for Path of Exile 2 might be the desirable alternative, among other options.At the least, Wolcen brings a refreshing new flavor and personality to the ARPG genre, and for many, that could be enough of a selling point regardless of Wolcen's bugs.

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