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Could you say he was responsible, sure

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Could you say he was responsible, sure has not posted anything yet
Start date 12/11/20 - 01:00
End date 12/12/20 - 07:00
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    Could you say he was responsible, sure. But I also think there were individuals higher up that made madden the game it is today. Rex was the one to intestine M12's Franchise and replaced it with all the lifeless version we have now. He was there for I believe 6 decades. He turned into a"martyr" for him being outspoken against EA in the conclusion. Of course he isn't likely to take responsibility for his own participation, or lack thereof, to madden achievement. Yet, it generates a far superior finished product.

    Pretty sure this reaction was to quiet negativity quite a little, at least until release, so they can keep their own M21 advertisement campaign going without much interference. And I believe they achieved their objective. When match release will be shut, just mark my words, they gonna appear and say this:" Sorry, team worked hard, but we could not make any big changes so profound into development phase. And of course M22 franchise will nonetheless be exact same as M13. It'll be exact same thing that they did with M20. Since launch, when game was absolutely unplayable for very big collection of PC players who'd Core i5 chips (which has largest userbase). They kept telling commumity in their official channels that staff is"working on the correct", up before NFL season was over, to keep sales up and after that came out and said that fix wasn't coming. They didn't even give any refunds to people that got screwed over like this.

    Theory: Madden just Sonic the Hedgehog'd us. Put out an intentionally bad memo about what is new in franchise mode in order that they could come back out in a month, say they've not had enough time to make big improvements so these are the small ones that they created, and observe the community give them praise for performing the very least. I would be prepared to bet that whatever they include has been in the works for a while now, and they're gonna find positive press for it today even though it won't be a good deal. In case it gives us a fantastic Franchise style. I don't care what tactic they did lol. But will their strategies give us a good franchise mode? Probably not.

    My concept is a dev composed that part with the goal to make it sound as shitty as possible to shine a light on how bad the problem has gotten. Yep. This is the EA playbook. It is why battlefield V is crap this year. A manner they could change everything back and say that they"corrected" items and then Battlefield 6 is going to be a way better game. EA does this all of the time. That is amazing they reacted, be positive, but don't get your hopes up too much. But I am praying they deliver something good this season. It's just lip service and damage control. We've heard the exact same thing for many years about franchise style. It's just a corporate cover your ass PR message to try and get the heat off them. The game is only weeks from release... It is realistically impossible that they'd have time and resources to develop anything new for franchise in that moment.

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