25 Str a Day? Just how long did you play and what's your Atk lvl? Cover Image


25 Str a Day? Just how long did you play and what's your Atk lvl?

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25 Str a Day? Just how long did you play and what's your Atk lvl? has not posted anything yet
Start date 12/25/20 - 01:00
End date 12/26/20 - 07:00
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    25 Str a Day? Just how long did you play and what's your Atk lvl? Oh, an items list of things that you need/should include: Iron Total Helm, Str and Power Ammy, Iron Plate, Scimmys Iron - Rune, Iron Kite, Green D Hide Vamps and Chaps, SoS Boots, Team Cape, Explorer Ring, Maple Short*, Str Potions, Loads of Food. If your plan is to train Range ANY greater than 40 (40 being the minute for Green D Hide) then purchase a Maple Long too so it is possible to add the Sight for it, as it is overpowered in F2p. As you are remaining 1 Def, get 40 Range for Green D Hide, which is the very best Def bonus in F2p for a 1 Fragrant Property. In case your Atk/Str is high enough, then you won't lvl at all. I highly suggest getting Range upward, even if you simply want the Def increase of this Green D Hide. Same thing for Magic unless you prefer to walk. 25 for Varrock Tele, though I always get 37 for Fally. If your Atk/Str is high enough, you won't lvl in any way. I do so because I have begun to rely on teles, in case you are not lazy like me, then skip this. Two Str Potions along with the rest food (Lobbys are inexpensive at the moment, take advantage.)

    Lumby Catacombs are GREAT for coaching, simply don't finish the Blood Pact pursuit, because you get two Def. By doing this quest, you receive Kayle's Sling, and it is a godsend for inexpensive people because it actually provides you complimentary Range Xp. Remain in the Catacombs until 30 Atk/Str and Range. Should be pretty obvious what to train on. .

    Head to Monks by Edgeville till 45 Atk and Str. (Equip a Maple Short + Iron Arrows now) For 40 Range, see Barbarian Village and utilize the Great Hall. (Equip Green D Hide now). Al Karid Warriors for 45 - 50 Atk, then quit training it. Train Str here before 70 or even 80. I also recomend you go to Hill Giants/Flesh Crawlers until 99 Str. In the end you should be something like: 50 Atk, 99 Str, 1 Def (Or two Def if you did not listen and COMPLETED Blood Pact or destroyed your pure), 40 Range, 31 Prayer, 37 Magic. Additional Info: If you wan na na train Range greater than 40, Crandor is an amazing place (Even more so if you favor Mining.) Ignore this component, run and start the Wall. Now you've got access to Crandor with no Def Xp from completing the quest.

    Kebabs are amazing food when you've got the patience to purchase them. Power Ammy is better for training until 70-ish Str. Use your mind, don't do something dumb you will wind up regretting. Iron Gauntlets out of FoG are the best melee Def gloves a 1 Def pure F2p could possess, but are harder to obtain and fix than Green D Hide Vamps. Higher Magic lvl = Greater Magic Def. No idea how long it takes, and I am presuming you do not play a whole lot, or you didn't today, because 25 Str is dreadful. I could get that in like. . .45min. :D I am scared to even supply you with an estimate frankly, but w/e, ~4 weeks. I have however read manuals and so on, so that I know abit. I am aware that some of the profit comes from Granite Maces, but most of it comes from stone that you simply cut into bolt hints and market. There is also some alch-able items also, which give some profit aswell. PS: Since they drops stone often, the Gem Bag from Dung would be a nice advantage in your inventory.

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