Medical apps development and maintenance
Chudovo: Custom Healthcare App Development Company
Our teams specialize in providing product engineering services and crafting medical software for diverse purposes. The healthcare solutions development team is well-prepared to undertake the creation of various healthcare applications, including:

Medical Apps for Patients:
Telemedicine Apps
Health Tracking & Symptom Checking Apps
Patient Portals & Engagement Platforms
Medication Tracking Apps

Medical Apps for Doctors & Medical Personnel:
Medical Educational Applications
Healthcare Monitoring Apps for Remote Care and Diagnostics
Appointment Management Applications

Medical Apps for Clinics and Healthcare Institutions:
EMR & EHR Systems
Drug Inventory Control Applications
Billing Applications
Apps for Internal Workflow Automation

Whether you need solutions for patients, medical professionals, or healthcare institutions, our dedicated teams are equipped to deliver tailored and innovative healthcare applications to meet your specific requirements.

Therefore, our expertise in software development can prove invaluable in creating health tech solutions for your company. Here are several ways in which we can assist:

Custom Healthcare Software Development:
We are prepared to deploy our development teams to implement your medical software solutions.
If you have an idea but lack technical background or IT employees, our healthcare application development services can build solutions tailored to your business needs from scratch.
Alternatively, our software developers can seamlessly integrate with your existing teams to address the need for additional resources.

Reengineering of Existing Systems and Legacy Systems Migration:
The dynamic evolution of the medical industry sets new standards continuously. Our team can transform your existing legacy applications to meet up-to-date health tech standards.
Professionals at our disposal can execute the transition of outdated healthcare systems to the latest and most supported technology. Additionally, migrating legacy software to the cloud can bring benefits in terms of security and efficiency.

Integration with Third-Party Solutions:
We facilitate the connection with other systems and the use of external APIs to enhance the functionality of your existing projects.

Medical Data Analytics Services:
Healthcare data analytics helps identify ways for medical institutions to provide more efficiency, quality, and value at affordable costs.

Secure Data Storage:
Recognizing the sensitivity of medical data, we prioritize safe processing, transfer, and storage. Adhering to security standards, we collaborate with trusted cloud hosting server providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.
Contact our team to discuss your needs, receive consultation, and explore potential avenues for cooperation!
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Medical apps development and maintenance - Chudovo

Medical apps development and maintenance - Chudovo

Development team is responsible for development and support of several medical apps. Check the solutions in heathtech area.