Hair Salon Manchester: Unlocking the Hair Trend Taking City by Storm

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Balayage, on the other hand, is a hair colouring technique where the colourists at hair salon Manchester paints lighter sections onto the hair,

Manchester is a city that never sleeps in style. It has been a hotspot of fashion, beauty and culture. Amidst all the ongoing fashion trends in the cities, one trend that has taken its people by storm is the beautiful balayage hair colour technique. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Every balayage hair colour is unique, whether you want a dramatic effect or subtle sunkissed glamour. It is simply a hair colouring technique that cannot be achieved at home and can be done only at professional hair salon in Manchester

Hair Salon Manchester: The Balayage Technique

Balayage hair colouring is a technical process that requires a skilled hairdresser in Manchester. Incorporating high-tech formulations, various levels of lightener and both foil and freehand work to give a flawlessly blended result requires a different level of precision. 

However, the great news is that the balayage hair colour is for all; whether you have long or short hair, there is a style to suit your hair and skin tone. Trust us when we say this!!

What is the difference between Highlights and Balayage- Answers by Best Hair Salon Manchester


Highlights involve adding light strands to your hair, contrasting the dark and the soft sections. Here are some key features of this technique: 

  • Highlights are known for their precision and uniformity. Foils are used to isolate specific strands and thus help to create a consistent pattern. 
  • Depending on the highlights' thickness, it helps create a nice blend between your natural hair colour and the blonde highlights. 
  • If you desire a natural blonde hair colour that starts from roots, this technique is a great choice. 


Balayage, on the other hand, is a hair colouring technique where the colourists at hair salon Manchester paints lighter sections onto the hair, creating a fade from natural roots to lighter-coloured ends. 

Balayage often creates a more natural and sunkissed effect. The transition between the natural hair colour and the lighter sections is so soft and seamless that it helps you create a phenomenal look. 

Balayage is often favoured for its versatility. It allows you to choose the intensity of the lighter sections in your hair; it is suitable for every style. Above all, it is low maintenance, and since it does not start at roots, unlike highlights, there is not much requirement for touch-ups. 

Balayage VS Ombre

Many people need clarification on balayage and ombre as they go from darker at the roots to lighter at the tips. 

However, at David Rozman, the best hair salon in Manchester, you can quickly learn the difference between the two. 

The difference is that balayage creates a subtle sunkissed look, while ombre creates an overall gradient from dark to light. 

Blonde Balayage

The most trending hair colour in renowned hair salon Manchester these days is Blonde Balayage. If you want blonde balayage, it is essential to consider the base colour as well. Please remember that it takes more than one session to achieve the blonde hair colour you desire if you have naturally dark hair. 

During hair consultation with hairdressers in Manchester, the highly trained colourists at David Rozman will explain the entire balayage process. They will help you create the perfect blonde balayage for you. 

Create the perfect style with Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and ombre look beautiful in every colour, so why not have fun with them? All eyes will be on you with a vibrant balayage colour done by the best hair colourists in Manchester. If you like something subtle, then a pretty pastel balayage colour will do the thing for you. 

Visit the best hair salon Manchester to find the perfect balayage shade for your hair. 

Hair Systems Manchester

The best salons in Manchester City have been into hairdressing for years and know that hair is an integral part of everyone's identity. They have been at the forefront of providing hair loss restoration in Manchester. Unique hair systems have proved to be an effective technique for dealing with hair loss. Suppose you, too, are dealing with problems like hair thinning or you are losing hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy. In that case, it is time you visit the reputed hair salon -David Rozman.

Balayage is more than a hair trend; it is a lifestyle choice for those who value individuality and style. As it captivates Manchester City, it invites you to join the movement. So, are you ready to step into this Balayage revolution? If yes, contact the expert hair salon in Manchester and give your hair the desired change. 

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