Smartphone Security: Detecting Location Checks on Your iPhone

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Read through this article to get a complete information about how to check if someone checked your location on your iPhone.

You would know that various users are having a great concern about their privacy. There is a location service through which iPhone users would get to know who is keeping an eye on whereabout of theirs. Many of the users do not know how to use this service. If the person wants to know who has checked their location then they have to visit the settings app on their mobile phone. They have to click on the location services which are provided to them and from there check if any app is taking their location. If there is any unfamiliar name or credentials on your friend list then you have to check it on “findMyiPhone”. Through this article, you will be getting more information about how do i know if someone can see my location on iPhone

Can someone see my location on my iPhone?

You might be wondering if can you tell if someone is looking at your location. Apple is having an extra layer of security in the operating system. It is very difficult to hack the system. If by chance, someone gets access to your location by using various methods. Some of the common methods which are used to find location are as follows:

  1. Find my iPhone: You should know that iCloud information is very important and private so, you need not have to share it with anyone. If you have not changed any information for so long then the person can use the find my iPhone option to get the location.
  2. Tracking apps installed: There are various chances that someone has installed tracking apps on your mobile phone and then it would be easier for them to track you.
  3. You shared location: If you have shared your live location with someone then it is easier for the other person to track you.