Greate Reasons to Buy Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture

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One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing Garden Lounge Set and decor that will transform it into a functional

One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing Garden Lounge Set and decor that will transform it into a functional area. The possibilities are countless when it comes to what you can do to turn an ordinary garden or patio into an al fresco seating area, or a space available for garden parties and cocktails. When choosing cafe furniture to fill up your outside areas, rattan pieces are great options that can help to create an amazing ambience in your space.

Lightweight, Easy to Move Around

If you need to move your indoor or outdoor furniture around, you must choose lightweight furniture. Made from bamboo sticks or bark of rattan tree, the cane is an extremely lightweight material. You can easily move the furniture without any help. Lightheartedness is one of the reasons that people use caned furniture in their lawns, outdoors or their patios. People can easily lift chairs and table, and it is less heavy than metal and wooden furniture.

Relatively Cheap Rattan Furniture

Although the price of original rattan furniture is relatively cheaper than furniture made from other original materials, it does not make the quality cheap. You can choose a rattan work chair like the picture above as proof.

Emitting Classical Ethnic Feel

Everything that smells of ethnicity and classics must steal the attention of international consumers. No wonder, many rattan furniture craftsmen export their products abroad. Not only with common models and types, rattan can be transformed into large furniture such as beds.

But it seems that in Indonesia there are still rarely people who use beds with this material. Due to the high foreign market interest in rattan, it may make the craftsmen explore more in making furniture for foreign markets compared to local markets.


The strength of rattan furniture can be pitted with furniture made from solid wood. The proof is that rattan can be transformed into a lounge chair for the family room. Lounge chairs like the picture above are strong to hold the weight of some adult humans.

Durability and Caning Repair

It is furniture that not only stays in fashion but is bound to serve for many years. The furniture can easily last for one to three decades with proper maintenance. You may need to hire Caning Repair services if the wicker loosens or straws are broken. Caned furniture is easy to maintain, but you must make sure early repairs to avoid replacements. If you let the straws break or loosen up for a long time, you may need to replace the chair completely. lso, the cane should be treated to avoid excessive moisture absorbance and must be water-resistant.

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