Shaktiman Implement Price In India

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Shaktiman implement was established in Rajkot, Gujarat in 1997. Shaktiman is a Superior Indian manufacturer of tractor implements.Shaktimaan implements plays a supporting  role in agriculture productivity by providing necessary tools that help farmers to improve soil health. Shaktiman has gained the trust of more than 5 lakh farmers and has made its presence in more than 70 countries. It is the  world’s largest producer of rotary tillers. Shaktiman Implement Price in India  is reasonable that comes under the budget of every small farmer. 

Popular Shaktimaan Implements in India - 

1)Rotavator - It performs various soil preparation tasks such as harrowing, leveling,  plowing,  and mixing the soil  etc.

2)Puddler - It is used for wetland preparation in paddy fields. It comes under the price range of INR 169,914 to 189,712.

3)Cultivator - It is used for soil aeration, weed control etc. Shaktiman Cultisol is the most popular Shaktiman Cultivator in India. 

4)Power Harrow - It is a unique part of farm machinery used to prepare a seedbed.  Power harrows are available in a wide range of sizes. It is also used by farmers to prevent the formation of hardpan in soil.

5)Mulcher - Mulcher shreds the grass into small pieces and spreads them on the field which decomposes gradually, improving the overall organic structure of soil.

The motive of Shaktiman is to reduce the workload of Indian farmers and to provide good exceptional quality implements at a low price.

This company uses good quality raw materials to develop innovative technology implements. If you want to purchase Shaktiman implement Contact Tractorkarvan to purchase the implement as per your requirement.