Understanding the Need for Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

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Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, a renowned cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation in Delhi, says that a nice, round breast with a nipple that is positioned centrally over it is the ideal breast shape.

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, a renowned cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation in Delhi, says that a nice, round breast with a nipple that is positioned centrally over it is the ideal breast shape. Every woman is interested in getting such a breast shape, as it gives them the confidence to carry certain kinds of dresses. A woman may have a good breast shape to begin with and might lose it following pregnancy and lactation. Or, in some cases, even young women might feel that their breast volume is inadequate. Herein comes the role of breast augmentation and also breast lift. 


A lot of women get confused between these two surgeries. So, in this blog, let’s learn who needs a breast augmentation and who needs a breast lift.


When Is Breast Augmentation Needed?


A breast augmentation is basically a surgery that adds volume to one’s breast. So the ideal candidate for this would be a young woman who has good, tight skin and all she lacks is volume. Her skin quality is good, and the nipple is lying where it should be, which is over the center of the breast. So here, the only concern she has is to add volume to the breast and give it a nice, rounded shape. 


When is a Breast Lift Needed?


Now let's talk of a woman who is older and, in many cases, has had children and breastfed them.

These women have a loss of volume, which is very common. And also along with that, the breast is sagged, meaning thereby the skin is all loose. Another common issue that these women have is the nipple areola complex. That is, the nipple and the brown portion of the breast are all pointing downward and lack any kind of shape. These women would have difficulty wearing certain dresses, which really disturbs them. In this situation, the primary surgery a woman requires is a breast lift.


When Does Both the Surgeries are Needed in Combination?


Many women assume that if I'm undergoing a breast lift, my volume is also going to get better. This is far from correct. In fact, when the surgeon performs a breast lift, they will be removing excess skin. The breast lift surgery involves bringing all the tissue together and lifting the nipples and the breast. This might, in fact, make the breast look smaller. So if a woman has low volume in addition to saggy skin, just doing a lift won't suffice. This is where both breast augmentation and breast lift are combined together. Breast augmentation can be done by using an implant or with fat grafting. 


What is the Recovery Period for Both Procedures?

  1. Breast Augmentation

Recovery from a breast augmentation procedure is comparatively quick. This is because, in breast implants, a very tiny incision is made either around the nipple or at the base of the breast. But if a very large implant is used, then the incision size might be bigger. In this case, a woman might need 3-4 days more to return to her routine activities.


  1. Breast Lift

In a breast lift, the incision made is slightly longer and one may require multiple dressings according to the type of incision made. So in this case, the recovery is going to take about 10 to 15 days.


Therefore, it is crucial to have a detailed discussion regarding this with a plastic surgeon to get an estimate for the time one might have to take off from work.


Do Both of These Procedures Leave Scars?


  1. Breast Augmentation

In breast augmentation, the implant is put through an incision that is just about four to five centimeters. So, it is easily concealed in the bra strap and, hence, not visible to anybody. So it's a very small price to pay for the kind of breast shape one gets.  


  1. Breast Lift

In a breast lift, the incision that is made is longer so the scar is also longer. But then again, the shape one gets, which is a lifted, perky breast, is something all women want. Also, what is actually visible is the kind of shape one gets when they are wearing their favorite dresses.


So to summarize, both of these procedures give great results and have an excellent patient satisfaction rate. One must always consult a plastic surgeon first to learn the type of surgery they need. A patient must share all their medical reports and their expectations with the surgeon. The surgeon then examines the patient’s condition and suggests whether they need a breast augmentation, a breast lift or both. If one is looking for breast augmentation and breast lift surgery cost in Delhi, they may visit Aestiva Clinic. The clinic is equipped with world class facility and offers treatments at affordable prices. At Aestiva Clinic, the cost of a breast lift ranges from  Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 and the cost of breast augmentation ranges from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,80,000.


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