Tyre Talk: A Guide to Different Types of Tyres

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Tyre is an essential part of the vehicle. It doesn’t only affect the look of the vehicle though it also contributes to the performance of it.

Tyre is an essential part of the vehicle. It doesn’t only affect the look of the vehicle though it also contributes to the performance of it. Every vehicle is made for a specific purpose some are made for roads, some for trails and some are hybrid based. And accordingly, the vehicle uses different types of tyres. Also, few people like to get custom tyres and wheels to enhance their vehicle look uniquely. In this article, we will explore various types of tyres to gain a solid understanding that can contribute to enhancing fuel efficiency.

Sneak Peek into the Types of Tyres

It sometimes happens that you are on the way and you find your tyre punctured and this compels you to ponder on Google “tyres near me”. However, to reduce the chances of punctures one must know about the types of tyres. Down below, we are going to list a few of the main types of tyres. 

Asymmetric Tyres 

As is evident by the name Asymmetric tyres have different tread patterns on the inner and outer edges of the tread. Large tread blocks help in gripping. On the inside edge, the small tread patterns help move water and increase grip. It would be the best suit for snowy and slushy terrain.

Directional Tyres

These types of tyres are used to maximize the rotation in a definite direction. It is usually seen in high-performance and sport-oriented vehicles. Where there is a requirement for precise handling at high speeds. It would be a good pick for wet terrain as these tyres disperse water in a certain direction.

Winter Tyres

These types of tyres certainly work best for winter. It is also called mud and snow tyres and works on snow and wet surfaces. The difference between other types of tyres and winter tyres is that other tyres harden at or lower than 7°C. However, winter tyres remain soft and flexible in cold seasons. According to stats, the winter tyre does provide 60% more grip than the other tyres.

All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres are a great pick if you want to get a good tyre irrespective of the season. It is a kind of hybrid tyre when compared with summer and winter tyres. They can be used in place of winter tyres without any worry. This helps you reduce the cost of swapping tyres twice a year.

Part Worn Tyres

The type of tyres that are removed from vehicles for getting new replacements but have some life left in them are called part-worn tyres. They can be used if retreads or if not then should have an EC approval mark and a speed and load capacity index moulded into the sidewalls. Additionally, they must be marked with “part-worn” in capitals approximately 4mm high.

Run-flat Tyres 

These unconventional types of tyres enable drivers to operate safely at limited speeds. It can work even without air pressure. But if these tyres are punctured, they are more likely unrepairable.

Eco-friendly Tyres

As our world becomes more eco-conscious, even things like tyres are changing. Now, they're designed to use less fuel by reducing resistance when they roll. With special additives like silica, these new tyres save energy while still giving a good grip. So, choosing eco-friendly tyres isn't just good for the planet, it's a smart way to save money on fuel too!

Why it is Important to Choose The Right Tyres

·         The right selection of tyre efficiently balances the weight of the vehicle and its contact with the road.

·         It helps in providing a better grip for acceleration, handling, and braking.

·         Only a perfect-fit tyre for a vehicle can provide you with a comfortable and smoother ride.

·         Incorrect types of tyres may not be able to provide you stability in wet situations.

·         Selecting a perfect tyre for the vehicle increases the fuel efficiency.

Rolling Out the Final Words

Tyre is an essential part of the vehicle that not only helps in enhancing the look but also the performance of the vehicle. However, there are many types of tyre available in the market from which one can pick according to their need. If you want to go worry-less throughout the year, All-season tyres would be a perfect pick for you. Moreover, Eco-friendly tyres are the best fit to save money on fuel. 

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