The Complete Guide to Choosing Commercial Door Closers

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Ensuring the safety, security, and efficiency of a commercial building involves several critical components, one of which is the door closer.

Ensuring the safety, security, and efficiency of a commercial building involves several critical components, one of which is the door closer. A well-chosen commercial door closer can make a significant difference in maintaining a secure and accessible environment. This guide will help you understand what commercial door closers are, their benefits, how to choose the right one, and their relationship with other door hardware like commercial door hinges and door shoes.

What is a Commercial Door Closer?

A commercial door closer is a mechanical device that automatically closes a door after it has been opened. It ensures that doors close gently and securely, which helps in maintaining building security, reducing noise, and controlling air circulation. These devices are essential for fire safety, accessibility compliance, and overall building maintenance.

Benefits of Commercial Door Closers

Enhanced Security

Commercial door closers help ensure that doors are always closed securely, preventing unauthorized entry and reducing the risk of theft or vandalism.

Fire Safety

In case of a fire, door closers help in containing the spread of smoke and flames by ensuring that doors close automatically, which is crucial for maintaining fire safety standards.

Energy Efficiency

By ensuring doors close properly, door closers help in maintaining the building’s internal climate, thus reducing energy costs related to heating and cooling.

Noise Reduction

They minimize the slamming of doors, thereby reducing noise pollution in busy commercial environments.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Door Closer

Door Weight and Size

The weight and size of the door are critical factors. Heavy doors require more robust closers with higher power ratings. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

Traffic Frequency

High-traffic areas need more durable and heavy-duty door closers. Consider the frequency of door usage to choose a closer that can withstand repeated use without malfunctioning.

Mounting Options

Door closers can be mounted in different ways, including surface-mounted, concealed, and floor-mounted options. The choice depends on the door type and aesthetic preferences.


Look for door closers with adjustable closing and latching speeds. This feature allows you to customize the operation to suit the specific needs of your environment.

Compatibility with Other Door Hardware

Make sure the door closer is compatible with other door hardware such as commercial door hinges, door shoe, and locking mechanisms like Kaba locks. This ensures seamless operation and enhances the overall functionality of the door.

Types of Commercial Door Closers

Surface-Mounted Door Closers

These are the most common type of door closers and are installed on the surface of the door or frame. They are easy to install and come in various styles to suit different needs.

Concealed Door Closers

Concealed door closers are hidden within the door or frame, offering a cleaner aesthetic. They are ideal for doors where maintaining the appearance is important.

Floor-Mounted Door Closers

These are installed in the floor and are suitable for heavy doors. Floor-mounted closers provide strong support and are often used in high-traffic areas.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Tips

  • Correct Alignment: Ensure the door closer is aligned correctly with the door and frame. Misalignment can lead to improper functioning and reduce the lifespan of the closer.

  • Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. This ensures that the closer is installed correctly and functions as intended.

  • Professional Installation: For complex or heavy-duty door closers, consider professional installation to guarantee proper setup and avoid potential issues.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check the door closer for signs of wear and tear. Look for oil leaks, loose screws, and any unusual noises during operation.

  • Lubrication: Keep the moving parts lubricated to ensure smooth operation. Use the recommended lubricant as specified by the manufacturer.

  • Adjustments: Regularly adjust the closing and latching speeds to maintain optimal performance, especially in environments with changing traffic patterns.

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Choosing the right commercial door closer involves understanding your specific needs, considering various factors such as door weight, traffic frequency, and compliance with standards, and ensuring compatibility with other door hardware. By selecting the appropriate door closer, you enhance the security, safety, and efficiency of your commercial building. Brands like ParkAvenueLocks offer a variety of high-quality options to meet these needs.