How to Save the World with Cause-Based Marketing

Some of the most effective marketing campaigns have an altruistic or philanthropic theme. However, not every campaign has the permanence of a business or specific product line; sometimes, the best campaigns focus on an idea, rather than a place or product. <br>Cause-based marketing example

What Is Cause-Based Marketing (Cause Marketing)?

As its name implies, cause-based marketing is the process of marketing a specific idea, cause, or goal, rather than a specific business, product, or service.
Cause-based marketing Human Rights Campaign marriage equality campaign example

Cause-based marketing campaigns can be incredibly broad, or very narrow, depending on the campaign. For example, a cause-based marketing campaign could be launched to promote a cause as broad as LGBTQ rights or marriage equality, encompassing a wide range of organizations and viewpoints such as the campaign by the Human Rights Campaign above, or a cause as narrow as ending animal testing in the cosmetics industry, which may target specific companies or even individual product lines.

Regardless of how broad or narrow a cause-based marketing campaign may be, these initiatives are often partnerships between a nonprofit organization typically the driving force behind the messaging of the campaign itself and either an ad agency or corporate partner, which typically handles the execution of the campaign.

Although cause-based marketing campaigns can focus predominantly on PPC or social advertising, these campaigns can and often do incorporate elements of guerilla marketing in their execution. Trying to grab peoples attention is no easy feat these days, and as such many organizations adopt more creative ways of getting their message out, as well see later on. Many cause-based marketing campaigns are organic offshoots of grassroots marketing efforts, which also tend to focus on causes.

Cause-Based Marketing vs. Ethical Marketing: Whats the Difference?

One of the biggest differences between cause-based marketing and ethical marketing is that cause-based campaigns typically focus on a specific objective, whereas ethical marketing focuses on broader marketing principles that apply to many different aspects of an organizations marketing efforts.

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