NBA 2K23's 2K23 Glitched Series Features 3 New Dark Matter Units

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NBA 2K MT Coins releases a new series titled Glitched. The game features some of the NBA's former and present stars with the added benefit of having some of their stats increased. With only one series remaining to play in the NBA Playoffs.

2K Games is taking full enjoyment of the hype, releasing new NBA 2K23 content every week. The last week's NBA 2K23 Limited Edition 4 Pack was greeted with enthusiasm about the units available The following week's edition will bring a new batch of players that has fans talking.

The units available are used to play the game's MyTeam mode, which allows players to increase their player's roster and to compete. NBA 2K23 routinely releases new sets of tasks and challenges every week, many of which require players using new items that were acquired from the packs in the series.

The brand new Glitched series introduces a distinctive spin to some top players of the game which makes them as flexible as they have ever been. Every unit in the series will have a stat boosted that is not the best for the player it is a clear indication that they're glitched. Imagine Shaquille O'Neal as the athlete he is, only he is one of the most precise free-throw shooters on the planet.

With that kind of dynamic, O'Neal would become one of the best center players in NBA 2K23 and become an all-powerful force with no weaknesses. It's a fresh take on the series and could make the game more interesting as players who are not often used previously can become the leaders of their team.MyCareer has been one of the most enjoyable modes, however it has become stale over the last couple of years. The world isn't bogged down by too many film-related features anymore it's more of the real world career you would expect, as well as you can join in the activities of The City, which is an actual game.

Alongside microtransactions is yet another issue that players encounter with new releases. Many will launch and be unable to play immediately. While most of the game's content played in NBA 2K23 was fine, servers were down on the night it dropped.

That meant players weren't able to do a lot of things they'd like to. Some wanted to leap right into the servers but instead, had to stay in the background wasting time. Twitter was filled with tweets from people who expressed their frustrations over this and reminding everyone that this wasn't just the first time it happened.

For a large portion of players, MyNBA is a fun mode where you can get to run the entire league. This is an awesome idea , however, since it added the option to relocate and brand teams, there's not been much in the way of enhancements for it. This year, things change.

It's not as revolutionary like relocating franchises however major enhancements have been made to the way you manage your scouts and coaches with MyStaff. The company has also improved their training process which was generally a task in the past. The improvements aren't huge, but it's a step in an upward direction.

Adding this WNBA as a part of the NBA 2K23 MT series was a major accomplishment and provided the talented ladies of the women's league a platform to shine. While on the field it's proved successful, with the majority of games feeling different than the male counterparts, and with the emphasis being on the fundamentals.