Cortical Screw Self Tapping Titanium Dia. 2.0 mm

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Cortical Screw Self Tapping Titanium Dia. 2.0 mm is used for fixing fractures in bones with high density. Cortical screws are made having a fine pitch and this increases the number of threads in the screws. As a result, they provide more solid fracture fixation in the bones with high density. More often, surgeons prefer these screws for fixing fractures that occur along the shaft. They are also known to have a self-tapping tip which allows them to create a hole during application.

Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of a CE-certified range of self-tapping cortical screws and other orthopedic devices. These screws are available in different sizes and in medical-grade titanium.

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