• Massages

    Messages lets you instantly reach family and friends for private conversations you also can send photos, pdf, and GIFs from Addonface chat.

    How do I send a message on Addonface?

    For computer users: To send a message to a friend, family or groups at the right said you will see Latest Activities under it you find Online users, offline users, and groups.

    Select the person by clicking the person name.

    In the conversation box Start typing your message where you see Write Something after you are done, press enter to send your message.

    You can also add files, audio, and gif image not only that but you can also change the title bar color by clicking on the color icon after the gif icon.

    How can i delete my conversation or any message?

    To delete you message or all of your conversations, click on or click to open the full conversation

    You can delete all conversation by clicking on or click on the message you want to delete you will see delete icon next to it just click on it to delet your massage one by one.

    How can I make a video call?

    To make video call on Addonface is sample but note you can only make video call when the person is online.

    Just click one and wait for your friend answer you call.

    How can I make an audio call?

    To make audio call on Addonface is sample but note you can only make audio call when the person is online.

    Just click one and wait for your friend answer you call.


    Settings help you to change your profile settings from general settings, profile settings, privacy settings, changing of a password, adding your social links, changing avatars and cover picture, design your own background, block users, email notification settings and delete of your account.

    How can i find settings on Addonface?

    Here are some of the places you can find settings links

    1. At the left side of the home page click on settings icon

    2. At the top right conner click on

    How can i change my username on Addonface?

    To change your username or your email click settings and click on general you will see Username, Email, Country, Birthday and Gender.

    these are some of the things you can do under general.

    Profile Settings:

    You can change your name about yourself, your location, adding of your website, your school you attended, where you are currently working and your relationship.

    Privacy Settings.

    You have full control over what people will see, what you share, your birth date, your activities, your location and many more to control who sees what you do on Addonface, click on the privacy then change it to other No Body, friend or everyone.

    You also have full control over who messages you, who can see your friends, who can post on your timeline, who can see your last seen showing, your activities status and your location after you are done click on save.

    How can i change my password on Addonface.

    To change your password on Addonface Click on settings and click on password enter your current password new password repeat the password then save it, you are done.

    Social Links

    Social links help you to all your other social link on Addonface just click on social links then fill in with your other social links then click save.

    Avatar & Cover

    You can change your profile picture and cover page by clicking on avatar cover, upload your avatar and your cover picture then click save.


    You can design your own background for your profile page by upload your own css.

    To design your own background on Addonface click on settings at the right side you'll see the design click on it, change from Theme: Default to my background, upload your file, click save done.

    Blocked Users

    You can find all blocked users here to unblocked them.

    Email Notification

    You have full control over email notification to set up your email notification on settings or on profile icon on the top corner in general settings click on email notification then uncheck the type of email you don't want to receive.

    Delete Account

    To delete you account click on delete enter your Current Password and click on delete to delete your account.


    Explore help you to easily search for friends, pages, groups and games.

    To explore click on the Explore it will take you to the explorer page where you can search by Users, Pages, Groups and Games on the right side you can also enter your keywords that is your friend's name, place or anything.

    You can search by statues who are online offline gender profile and pictures

    • Status:- filter users by

    • All:- shows both online and offline users

    • Online:- shows only online users

    • Offline:- shows offline users

    • Gender:- filter users by

    • All:- Show both Male and Female users

    • Male:- shows only Male users

    • Female:- shows only Female users

    • Profile Picture:- filter users by

    • All:- both users with profile pictures and the once without

    • Yes:- with profile pictures

    • No:- without profile pictures


    Find friend help you to find nearby friends, families, schoolmate you can also find a friend by enter your friend's name, the distance by kilo meter you can also search by gender relationship and status.

    Find friends nearby search bar help you to find your friends by entering his/her name.

    Location distance: help you to select the distance of your friends you want to make/see on Addonface

    Follow button help you to follow your friends on Addonface

    • Gender:- filter users by

    • All:- Show both Male and Female users

    • Male:- shows only Male users

    • Female:- shows only Female users

    • Relationship

    • All show all types of relationship status

    • Single show only single users on Addonface

    • In a relationship show only those in arelationship on Addonface

    • Married show only married users on Addonface

    • Engaged show only user that are Engage on Addonface

    • Status:- filter users by

    • All:- shows both online and offline users

    • Online:- shows only online users

    • Offline:- shows offline users


    Saved Post helps you to save your friends post you came across it view it anytime.

    How can I save a post

    To save a post

    Click on on the top right corner of the post

    Click saved Post to save

  • My Pages:

    My Pages help you to create a page for your business, organisation, school, churches public figures and so on. Everybody can create a page for his school business organisation public figures and start posting photos videos and other news as well you can also use your page to advertise for your company.

    How to create Addonface page?

    To create pages on add on face click on My Pages, it will take you to My Pages, page where you can find all your pages if you alread have have created some.

    Click create then fill the form,

    Page Name: is a page url.

    Page Title: is the title of your page or the name you want to use for your page

    Category: select the category your page belong page.

    Page Description: Describe your page then you click on create

    How to edit your page on Addonface.

    To edit your page on Addonface click on My Pages it will take you to My Pages page, where you can find all your pages, if you alread have created some, now click edit on any of the pages you want to edit.

    You can change anything you want to change within your page then click on save

    On the right side you'll see general where are you can change your page information, company name, phone number, location, website URL and social link as well you can also change your avatar and your cover picture,

    Design: help you to design your page background by uploading your own background for your page, you can set admin for your page. you can also delete your page if you don't need it anymore.

    How can I assign admin to my page.

    To assign admin to your page click on My Pages, click on edit to edit any of the page you want to add admin at the right side you will see admin, click on it then search the person within the admin search bar after searching click on +Admin button to assign admin

    How can I delete my page on Addonface.

    To delete your page click on My Pages, edit at edit page click on delete on your right side enter your password and click delete to delete your page

  • My groups:

    My groups help you to create groups for your church organisation company schools angels financial institution and so on, for individual to get to each other well steer away from work or share the same idea in common.

    How to create a group?

    Click on my groups it will take you to the my groups page where you can edit and create a group, as the right side click on a crate.

    Fell in with your details

    Group Name that is your group url

    Group Title that is the name that will show on your page

    Group Type is your group a public or private

    Category which category your group from

    About some information about your group

    then click on create to create your group..

    How to edit a group.

    To edit your group click on my groups it will take you to My Groups page where you can find all your groups you have created.

    Click edit on the one you want to edit, and it will open up to where to the edit page, you can update your details over there, also at the right hand side you will see general privacy avatar and cover members internet groups.

    Privacy: help you to set your group type to private or public, in other to confirm request when someone joined your group or not.

    Avatar and cover: it helps you to set a group profile image and cover image for the group, you can also change it at any time.

    Members; you can see all your members here, you can remove some of your members from your group by click on x next to the member icon

    Delete group: you can delete your group if you don't want to use it anymore by clicking on delete, enter your password then click on delete button, if you want to go back to your group click on my group


    My Album help you to create a collection of photos and share with families and friends, it's up to you whether to upload one or more of your photos at once.

    How to create album on Addonface.

    To create albums on Addonface click on my albums it will open up to where all your albums are then click on create

    It will also open up a page where you can create your album

    Album name: give your album a name that you can remember at anytime

    Photos: click on the icon to select your photos to select multiple photo at a time hold down the ctrl key on pc then the option key on mac then select the numbers of photo you want to upload at once.

    After selecting click open you see the numbers of photo you want to upload at once over there click on upload button then wait for a while and you see photos will be uploaded

    how to edit your album by adding deleting some.

    To edit your album click on my album then any of the album click on the one you want to edit

    Click on this icon the will be a popup, you can other Edit Post, Delete Post, Pin Post or Add photos.

  • Blog

    Blog on Addonface help both bloggers and everyone to share their views on dairy activities, project, program, technology, lifestyle, football, phone etc, online.

    It is also an opportunity to communicate any information in a new way, by sharing what you do, what you love and how you want it.

    How can Addonface blog help us, bloggers?

    All bloggers can use this platform to increase the awareness of their company, school, church, business, blog and their website.
    Eg: On your blog website you have more than 100 pages, so all that you need to do is to showcase them on Addonface by copying some part of your blog page and paste it on Addonface blog with image and a link to your site.

    Can I add images and video to Addonface blog?

    Yes, you can, we have WYSIWYG some look as Microsoft Word that you can do many things without coding.

    Can I post my advertisement banner on Addonface blog?

    Yes, you can add your partners(eBay, lolymart, affbank, etc) banner on your blog.

    Do you support Google Adsense?

    No, Addonface blog does not support Google Adsense nor does Google Adsense support Addonface blog.

    How can i create a blog on Addonface

    To crate a blog on Addonface is sample and easy,

    Click on My articles,

    Click on create on to start your bloging

  • My articles

    My articles is where all your blogs are located you can delete them, edit them also share them.

    How can i create a blog on Addonface

    To crate a blog on Addonface is sample and easy,

    Click on My articles,

    Click on create on to start your bloging

    How can i edit or delete my blog on addonface

    To edit or delete your blog:

    Click on My articles

    Click on edit blog on addonface it will show edit or delete tabs

    Click on edit or delete to edit or delete your blog.


    Addonface Market offers you the opportunity to buy or sell goods or services or list your service to engage with more consumers Online and get the best out of it.

    Addonface Market offers the best opportunity for anybody that sell or buy local times items search us, used or new cars, jobs, real estate, construction materials, Mobile Phones, Electronics, services offers, shop companies and everything else.

    Find what you're looking for or create your own ad for free! by clicking on My Product.

    What makes Addonface Market different?

    Addonface Market is 100% free to use, also you can make a video call with the seller or buyer, to see him or her face to face even chat with him/her online.

    Your ads will expire until you delete it, at any time or when you sold it items out.

    Is Addonface a classification website?


    Please note, Addonface is not a classification website, is a social network website that helps you get what you want by linking friends and family together and letting them know what you do and can get some when needed from you.

    How can I sell on Addonface Market?

    To sell on Addonface market you need to login if you are already a member if not you need to signup for free, click on My Product on the right side and click on New on My product page to start posting your items.

    How can I stay safe on Addonface Market?

    We at Addonface, are making everything possible for you to stay safe on the market with our 100% committed but you have your part to play to make it work so.

    This is some of the things you need to do to stay safe on the Addonface market as advice to you.

    In all your trading on the market do this:

    Buy from your location. Buying from your location gives you the easy way to meet the person one on one, and be sure you check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you make a payment.

    Make a video call with the person. Making a video call can also help you to see the face of the person and the items as well but still meet him/her at an open place where with the crowd before transacting. If Seller is a business, you may transact in their office

    Item and payment at the same time. Do not make any payments before receiving an item. Neither should you send an item before receiving payment. Avoid courier servicing as much as possible unless the third party provides suitable fraud policies

    Friends and Comment. Find out how many friends does the person have and also check comment others are making, is it real or fake.

    Common Sense. Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money.
    please never give out financial information. This includes bank account details, eBay/PayPal info, and any other information that are important to you.

    Make sure you Test. Electrical and electronic items for working order before paying over money.

    Watch out For Scams And Fraud Schemes

    Fake payment services. Addonface market does not offer any form of payment scheme or protection for all any ads. Please report any emails claiming to offer such services. Avoid using online payment services or escrow sites unless you are 100% sure that they are genuine.

    Fake information requests. Addonface market does not verify items posted but we delete any ads that we found out is scams or been reported.

    If you receive an email from us asking for any personal details, we recommend that you contact us directly via phone to communicate your details and avoid potential scams.

    Fake fee requests. Addonface does not charge you anything for using our site. Avoid anyone that ask for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service.

    Money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams are run through them. Avoid requests to use these services.

    Reporting a safety issue.

    If you have been a victim of a scam, please report your situation to us. If you have been cheated, we also recommend that you contact your local police department.


    My Product on Addonface is a great way for individuals, businesses, and company looking to promote their products and services online and it free.

    How can i sale on Addonface?

    To sale clicking on My Product. on my products page click new to get started

    Please note, you need to provide some details about your product;

    Name: the name of your item example: Toyota Hilux SR (4x4).

    Description: say something about what you are selling example;
    Toyota Hilux SR (4x4) for sale at affordable price Base Features; 12 Volt Power Outlet, Dual Front Airbag Package, Airbag Knee Driver, Anti-lock Braking, Air Conditioning, Adjustable Front Seats - Manual, Antenna - Roof-mounted Bee-sting type etc.

    Categroy: select which category your ads belong to.

    Type: is your item new or used

    Price: the price of the item

    Currency: Select your currency

    Location: your location

    Add photos: add a nice photo of your items two or more

    Click Save to publish you ads


    • Please, any ads you post will be shown to all your friends on Addonface.

    • Everybody sees you ads

    • Everybody can comment on you adds

    • You can delete any comment at anytime

    • You can share your post on other social media website through our website

    How can I delete my product?

    To delete your product,

    click on My product

    click on the product that you want to delete

    click on and delete, you will see a warning sign "Are you sure that you want to delete this post?" click on delete to delete and cancel to cancel if you change your mind.

    How can I mark my product as sold?

    You can mark and unmark your product as sold,

    click on and click Mark Product As Sold to mark as sold and to unmark

    How can I edit my product on Addonface?

    click on My product

    click on the product that you want to edit

    click on and Edit product.

    Click on save when done

    How can I contact ads owner on Addonfac?

    To contact ads owner you need to click on the username that takes you to the profile of the owner of the ad, send him/her message.

    What is pin on Addonface Market?

    Pin is used to bookmarking any ads you came across on Addonface market.

    Strategic planning to help you boost your sales on Addonface.

    1) Increase Your Money By Increasing Your Sales.

    The best way to increase your money is to increase the number of sales you make a day. Anybody that sell products or services
    daily should try and sell more of the product on Addonface to get more buyers some of them sales things need once in a year, like a new home, phone, wedding ring even cars have to market, advertising, and strategic planning on increasing the number of sales, because once a person has purchased one of these items, he/she is not coming back for a long time.

    2) Make Larger Sales to Each Customer

    Making more sales to each customer is another way to sales larger sales out through customer service trying your best to reached the point of your customer liking you and trusting you enough and customer has decided to buy from you, you must think of ways to increase the size of the sale sometimes you can let the customer buy expensive item.

    Your Existing Customers Is You Key

    Acquiring customers expensive to get, you can give deep discounts and bonuses to get the customer to buy something else before they leave by cutting the price on additional items may be by 5% or 25% to get the add-on sale. The extra cash you earn is money that you would not have if you let the customer depart.

    Who to sell for quick cash on Addonface

    Chose the right price for your item, everybody wants to buy items with the best price but most sellers think of asking tgooglhe high price first and then lower.

    Take time and browse other ads and see what others are offering for the something and pick a price out of it

    Good description of the product.

    Write some good about your product, and why you should be chosen.

    We don't buy because of product features but because of the benefit of those features and be honest in your description.

    Wrong: "This car has a reinforced safety roof." (feature).

    Right: "This car keeps your family safe." (benefit).

    Ensure that your ads have a good photo, and lots of them 4 and more, make sure to use the Use actual photos of your ads.


    GAMES coming soon


    Events on Addonface help you to advertise your upcoming event for free are your organization, school, NGO, Church, etc, Events on Addonface will help you let everybody know your upcoming events. you can invite your friends, family, church, etc to come to your event.

    How can I publish my event?

    To publish your event on Addonface you first need to log in,

    Click on Event

    On Event page click on +Create.

    Fill in the form with your.

    Name: The name of your event.

    Location: Event location.

    Start date: Date to start.

    End date: Date to end.

    Description: more information about your event.

    Cover: image for your event.

    How can I edit/delete my event on Addonface?

    To edit/delete your events on Addonface;

    Click on event

    On the event page, you will see edit and delete on the right conner click any of them you want to do.

    How can I invite my friends to my events on Addonface?

    On your event page after your description and location, you see a file "invite your friends/followers" enter the person name to invite him/her


    MOVIES coming Soon on Addonface