Madden has been doing lots of quick passes as a result

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They rank 31st in the league. Sorensen's play has earned him a grade that is 42.2 percent in Pro Football Focus and an overall score of 35.5. In spite of his struggles Mut 22 coins, Sorensen appears to be quick! Based on his performance on the field according to player tracking data.

We'd anticipate an entirely model-based speed score for Sorensen of around 89, almost 7 more points than Madden's Week 9 grade of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA are loath to award a player doing as badly as Sorensen with a score that is high in a vital area such as speed, considering that it can have such a huge influence on gameplay. If that's the case you can't blame them.

Other notable outliers are Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who holds the highest speed score in all of Madden at 99. Hill certainly is fast, and it's possible that we're splitting hairs here however his highest career speed of 22.8 mph puts him only fourth place in the league , since 2017.3 Furthermore, his current weekly average speed of 22.8 mph which is quite impressive isn't even close to those top 50.

There are two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make the list as somewhat underrated speedsters. Lamar Jackson appears to be operating more slowly this season possibly due to persistent issues with his back. His max speed for a game of 19.4 mph last year was close to a full mile per hour more than his speed this season. Madden does not seem to care, however. The speed score of 96 Madden offers Lamar halfway through the year is 11 points more then his model-based score.4

Middle linebacker Patrick Queen is a stronger case of overrating. Queen's speed data is lower than the speed that EA typically expects of players with 90 speed scores as well as Queen has seen a significant slowdown in his sophomore year cheap madden coins, averaging a per-game max speed of only 17.1 mph . This is in 2021.